#9 SaaS B2B focus. Amazon threatens Pharmacies. Nestlé SaaSing up through Freshly. Fortnite new subscription bundle. And more..

December 1, 2020

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I wrote two new posts that I wanted to share.

SaaS Revenue Leaders. How to reduce the risks ->

Why the average tenure of B2B SaaS VP Sales and CRO is so low. How to reduce the economic and startup risk as well as the risk of making mistakes and then regret.

Revenue game plan for B2B SaaS ->

For gaining traction in Middle Market and Enterprise in B2B SaaS when scaling from Europe efficiently, the secret formula is how to execute a game plan made of 4 Pillars. Link.

News on SaaSed-up companies 🗞

Amazon's official launch of Amazon Pharmacy is bad news for traditional pharmacies. Amazon is now in the business of delivering prescriptions that will be eligible for discounts and two-day shipping under its Prime subscription. Link.

With the acquisition of Slack, if confirmed, Salesforce would transform itself into a conversational CRM. Link.

Alibaba vies for a piece of China’s booming Electric Vehicle market. China’s tech giants are teaming up with traditional carmakers. Companies from Alibaba to Huawei are striving to become relevant in the trillion-dollar auto industry, which itself is seeking an electric transition and intelligent upgrade as 5G comes of age. Link.

High-flying video conferencing service Zoom, which has seen skyrocketing demand during the coronavirus pandemic, is now worth more than ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Link.

News on SaaSing-up companies 📈

Nestlé announced that it has acquired Freshly, one of the leading direct-to-consumer prepared meals delivered to your home in weekly orders. The deal values Freshly at USD 950 million, with potential earnouts up to USD 550 million contingent to the successful growth of the business. Link.

Fortnite adds a monthly subscription bundle. The publisher announced a new model designed to deliver recurring payments, in addition to its standard micro transactions — offering up a discount on some of its virtual wares in the process. Link.

It doesn’t seem to be the right time to use robots in the stores yet. Walmart drops inventory robots from its stores. The retail giant has scrapped plans to use robots to keep track of its inventory. Link.

Interesting reads 📖

Thomas Cook tried to move towards SaaSification but it was too little, too late. It went into liquidation in September 2019 after having been in operation since 1841. The travel industry had plenty of systemic problems even before COVID arrived. If there’s any industry that could use a little more predictable recurring revenue in its business model, it’s travel. What will travel look like next year? Link.

An interesting analysis around 600+ B2B SaaS pricing pages to learn how subscription businesses price, package, and position their products. Link.

Podcasts and Webinars 🎬

Gary Vee and the Subscription Business Model with Christopher George. Are there businesses out there that should think about subscriptions? All of them! Only the 5% that will be good at it will survive though. Link.

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